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Detox For Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Fort Lauderdale

Taking addictive drugs or alcohol to cope with your bipolar disorder can be devastating to both your well-being and relationships. Sunrise Detox provides the first step of addiction recovery with medically directed detox for substance use. We’ll help you remove alcohol or drugs from your body comfortably and safely while you learn how to manage your bipolar disorder. Don’t try to detox by yourself. Call (954) 869-9759 now to receive immediate assistance for bipolar disorder and addiction near Fort Lauderdale.

Sunrise Can Help You End The Bipolar-Addiction Spiral

Bipolar disorder can be very unsettling to your daily life. Swings in mood and vitality greatly impact your physical and mental health. While drugs and alcohol might provide some relief, they can also worsen bipolar symptoms and create new issues. Once the euphoric effects wear off, the more drained you feel. As your body develops a tolerance, you need bigger amounts -- or more potent substances -- to regain your sense of normalcy. This cycle of self-medicating can swiftly become an addiction and take command of your life.

A medically directed detox is the initial move to halt the addiction-bipolar disorder spiral. Start by reaching out to Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale at (954) 869-9759.

Our team will help you detox from drugs or alcohol while being cognizant of your bipolar disorder. We acknowledge the influence co-occurring disorders have on substance use and give you emotional assistance in addition to withdrawal treatment. We’re standing by to help you now.

Treating Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Fort Lauderdale

No one should attempt to detox from drugs or alcohol without help. Withdrawal is painful and can put your life in danger without proper medical care. When you’re set to detox, call Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale . Our modern detox facility and treatment methods are designed to help you detox successfully and safely.

Treatment starts with a thorough assessment to understand your medical background and what substance you’re trying to conquer. After an initial assessment, we’ll craft an individualized plan of treatment for you. If you are dealing with bipolar disorder, we will include this in your plan and treat you accordingly.

Medical Care During Detox

You will always be safe during detox at Sunrise. Our team conducts vital sign checks every 2-4 hours throughout the detox process. If you feel unwell or encounter pain, they will tend to your discomfort. Our medical professionals are specifically trained to dispense proven medications to decrease discomfort and cravings so you are as comfortable as possible.

Mental Health Treatment Care During Detox

While your physical condition is our primary priority during detox, we also understand how bipolar disorder can complicate substance use treatment. We’ll help you manage your mental health and make sure you take any medicine you have for your bipolar disorder.

You also have the ability to partake in therapy at Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale . We offer voluntary

  • Group therapy
  • Private therapy
  • Peer support sessions

In therapy, you can begin to investigate the connection between your bipolar disorder and substance use. In peer support, you’ll discover people who have been where you are and want to motivate you to continue your recovery. Our specialists will help you set the foundation for positive coping strategies that will serve you in recovery.

If you’re having difficulty finding treatment for bipolar and addiction near Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale is your dependable, local detox center. We have a bed for you. Simply phone (954) 869-9759 today for the support you need.

Why Go To Sunrise Detox For Substance Detox?

If bipolar disorder is a reason for your substance use, contact Sunrise to begin your addiction recovery. We understand how co-occurring disorders such as bipolar disorder impact addiction, and we work to treat both. Under our care, you’ll get everything you require to finish detox and proceed to the next stage of your recovery.

At Sunrise, you can expect

  • Safe, specialized medical support for withdrawal distress
  • Optional mental health therapy
  • 24/7, non-judgmental care from compassionate staff
  • A nicely furnished room and private bath
  • Nutritious, chef-cooked meals
  • Resident break rooms and leisure activities
  • Complete patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Assistance with payment and insurance questions
  • Assistance with aftercare

Find Help Today For Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Fort Lauderdale

Don’t try to detox alone. If you need assistance with bipolar and addiction near Fort Lauderdale, turn to Sunrise at (954) 869-9759 or send in the following contact form. Someone will reach out immediately to start the admissions process. We answer 24/7, every day of the year. Call now for help.