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Detox For PTSD And Addiction Near Fort Lauderdale

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be an intense trigger for an addiction. Unfortunately, self-medicating PTSD effects with alcohol or drugs can’t manage the trauma and could usher in an unhealthy dependency. At Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale , we know the complicated bond between substance use and PTSD and offer medically guided detox treatment for adults wanting to overcome substance use disorders. Call us at (954) 869-9759 now if you require assistance managing PTSD and substance use near Fort Lauderdale.

The Connection Between PTSD And Addiction

The symptoms of PTSD are difficult to deal with. Without proper treatment, you may try to self-medication with habit-forming substances. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs provide short-term relief. They may also exacerbate PTSD symptoms, leaving you relying upon substances more frequently. This cycle may lead into substance use disorders, making you worse than before.

The medical staff at Sunrise understands the particular stress you face when grappling with a co-occurring disorder. We exist to help you commence your addiction with safe and effective detox services that also keep your mental well-being at the forefront. If you’re struggling to find a treatment plan that will take on PTSD and addiction near Fort Lauderdale, call us today at (954) 869-9759. Our detox treatment facility has a place and supportive specialists ready for you.

Our Detox Strategies For PTSD And Addiction Near Fort Lauderdale

Detox is the first step for parting with alcohol and addictive substances, but it can enact dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Throughout detox at Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale , our skilled clinicians do everything they can to keep you safe, physically and emotionally. We believe a positive detox experience can provide you a higher opportunity for complete substance use recovery.

When you are ready to detox from alcohol or drugs, dial us at (954) 869-9759. We customize our detox strategies to your requirements, starting with an assessment of your existing condition, medical history, and what substances are in your body. From there, we can instantly stabilize you, making sure that you encounter few difficulties with withdrawal symptoms. We’ll also consider your PTSD in each stage of your personal care plan.

Medical Treatment During Detox

Our first objective at Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale is to ensure your safety while you undergo the detox protocol. We have [[trained staff|trained clinicians|skilled professionals| on-site 24/7 to carefully watch you and your vital signs. They will dispense safe amounts of medication to ensure your comfort. If you currently take prescribed medicines for your PTSD, we’ll make sure you still receive those.

Mental Health Treatment During Detox

We also highly consider your mental well-being at Sunrise. We strive to help you feel safe and cared for. Throughout detox, you’ll get the resources to treat your PTSD with guided therapy. We supply mental health counseling and support services in the form of

We make therapy optional so you can emphasize yourself to resting during detox. However, if you feel up for it, therapy with our licensed counselors can empower you to begin the crucial task of enhancing your mental well-being. You’ll understand how PTSD has accelerated your substance use, how to manage your PTSD, and that you are not by yourself in your experiences. A better knowledge of PTSD and substance use will aid you in recovery in the long run.

Why Pick Sunrise For Assistance With PTSD And Addiction Near Fort Lauderdale

Withdrawal pain and PTSD symptoms may become a hindrance of a successful detox. To complete detox as carefully and comfortably as possible, reach out to Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale at (954) 869-9759 today. Our detox facility is designed to give you all that you require to get through detox and anticipate the next stage in your PTSD and addiction recovery. We will help you by providing

  • Safe, proven medical treatment for withdrawal
  • Core vital checks every 2 to 4 hours
  • Attentive, experienced staff on-site around the clock
  • Optional mental wellness therapies
  • A flexible schedule for lots of self-care
  • A clean and sober atmosphere
  • A fully furnished bedroom and private bath
  • Wholesome chef-prepared meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Recreational patient areas and residents’ activities
  • Total patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Help with questions concerning billing and insurance
  • Aftercare strategies

Call For Help With PTSD And Addiction Near Fort Lauderdale Today

When you need assistance detoxing safely from drugs or alcohol, Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale is here for you. Call (954) 869-9759 or complete the form below for help. We connect with you immediately, regardless of the time or day. We are standing by to assist you right now.