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Detox For Co-occurring Disorders Near Fort Lauderdale

Some disorders, like PTSD and depression, can be a trigger for alcohol or drug abuse. If that’s true for you, you’re more likely to prevail over your addiction if you obtain therapy for your co-occurring mental disorder, too. Sunrise offers support for substance detox and co-occurring disorders in Fort Lauderdale. Contact us at (954) 869-9759 today to get help and safely detox from detox from habit-forming drugs or alcohol in a safe manner.

Treating Withdrawal And Co-occurring Disorders Near Fort Lauderdale

Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale administers detox services for adults as the first step to drug or alcohol recovery. Addiction treatment begins with an appraisal to help us fully comprehend your present condition, medical history, and if you suffer from any co-occurring disorders. Your personalized treatment plan will help you detox with minimal withdrawal symptoms and will support your mental health.

Medical Treatment Throughout Detox

Your safety is our leading priority. Throughout detox, our skilled practitioners will monitor your vitals and keep you as comfortable as take steps to ensure your comfort. We dispense evidence-based medications to take the edge off your discomfort, meticulously tracking amounts and timing to avoid creating a secondary addiction. We supply all your basic needs, including cozy rooms and wholesome dining. Our flexible schedule provides you with time to rest. We tend to you for the duration of the detox process until you are medically approved to move on to a lower level of therapy in your recovery.

Psychological Care During Detox

Over the course of detox, our chief focus is your physical health and stability. But, we care for you as a total person and recognize that detox and the challenges of withdrawal could cause stress or trigger pre-existing mental illness. Our therapists are here to offer emotional support and help you deal with your mental health for a better detox experience.

If you are taking prescription drugs, we will ensure you receive them at the right times. We have staff here 24 hours a day to assist you and respond to any questions you might have. We also provide the following optional counseling and support groups:

  • Personal counseling to consult privately with a licensed therapist
  • Group therapy with a counselor supervising group meetings
  • Peer support groups with trained individuals who have progressed further in addiction recovery

If you’re able, therapy can be invaluable to navigate through the mental health difficulties that prompted your substance use. Sunrise is pleased to supply this basis for enhanced mental health. If you’re ready you would like to take charge of your drug or alcohol use and mental health, call (954) 869-9759 now for immediate assistance.

Co-occurring Disorders We Manage During Detox

Sunrise offers detox options along with care for various co-occurring disorders in Fort Lauderdale. We understand that your mental health may be linked to your substance use and shouldn’t be overlooked during detox. If you grapple with any of these conditions, we can support you.


Depression could have led you to take habit-forming substances, but it doesn’t need to block your recovery. Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale will help you take the initial step of detox while being sensitive to the feelings of depression. If you are on anti-depressants, we will help you adhere to your daily routine throughout detox.


Withdrawal may cause feelings of anxiety to escalate. Our team is here to provide emotional guidance and help you feel secure while you detox from drugs or alcohol. We’ll make sure you obtain the medication you need to keep your anxiety managed and successfully complete detox.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder poses distinct obstacles for people seeking addiction recovery. Our experienced therapists are aware of those obstacles and are here to help you however you need during detox.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

After numbing your PTSD with addictive substances, detox can sound alarming. The team at Sunrise strives to keep you comfortable and protected in our welcoming residential environment.

Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

If ADHD has hindered your progress to forgo alcohol or drugs previously, the Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale clinicians will assist. We maintain a safe, drug-free setting to protect you from the triggers to take alcohol or drugs when you detox.

Why Go To Sunrise For Treating Co-occurring Disorders And Addiction Near Fort Lauderdale

Reaching out to Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale ought to be your initial step in your journey to conquer addiction in Fort Lauderdale. Since mental health and substance use disorders must be managed together, we do everything possible to help you get through detox and move forward in your addiction recovery journey. To give you the best chance of success, we offer

  • Evidence-based medical care for withdrawal symptoms
  • Voluntary mental health counseling
  • Optional peer support groups
  • Personalized care tailored to you
  • Cozy bedroom with attached bathroom
  • A relaxed, peaceful surrounding
  • Balanced, chef-prepared meals and drinks
  • Versatile schedule to make time for rest and recuperation
  • Community spaces and recreational activities
  • Safeguarding from social and environmental triggers for drug or alcohol use
  • Complete patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Aftercare planning prior to departure
  • Guidance for insurance and billing questions
  • Dignified, respectful support from thoughtful staff

Call Today For Assistance With Substance Use And Co-occurring Disorders Near Fort Lauderdale

You deserve help for alcohol and drug use and co-occurring disorders. Sunrise is here to provide it. Dial (954) 869-9759 or fill out the contact form on this page, and we will reply immediately to get you started at our detox facility. We are ready to help at all hours, all year long.