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Christopher Rienas, Psychiatrist, M.D.


Dr. Christopher Rienas brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as a Medical Director at Praesum Healthcare. Double board-certified in both Addiction Psychiatry and General Psychiatry, Dr. Rienas continues to elevate our programs treating substance use and mental health disorders with his deep understanding of addiction and psychiatry.

Dr. Rienas’s educational foundation was laid at the Medical School of The University of Miami, further enriched by advanced residency and fellowship training at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). His achievements have earned him membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society and the distinction of being a Ruth Fox Scholar at the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

Well-regarded for his leadership and educational contributions, Dr. Rienas has always been at the forefront of psychiatric innovation. In 2020, he brought his commitment to addressing mental health and substance use disorders to South Florida, where he enhanced psychiatric care across five hospitals, showcasing his dedication to integrating comprehensive mental health services with broader medical care.

Dr. Rienas has been recognized as an outstanding teacher and leader, engaging national conference audiences with his insights, and in leadership roles, including serving as Chief Resident at UCSF. Dr. Rienas has established Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Services with a community model focus at five hospitals in South Florida and since August 2021 has served as the Medical Director at one of the largest Behavioral Health Hospitals in South Florida.

Since joining Praesum in August 2021, the experience and clinical approach of Dr. Rienas have reinforced our longstanding commitment to offering top-tier, compassionate care, ensuring that every individual embarking on his or her recovery journey receives the best possible support. Dr. Rienas’s expertise not only complements but enhances our mission to provide a pathway to recovery that is respectful, evidence-based, and tailored to the needs of each person we serve.

“I pride myself most on being an active listener and taking a highly individualized approach to each patient,” says Dr. Rienas. “In addition to medication management and therapy, my recommendations often include lifestyle modifications to better connect and mind and body which aids in healing and recovery, and the Praesum Healthcare continuum of care allows for that.”

Additionally, Dr. Rienas oversees the medical accuracy of our content, ensuring everything we share meets the highest standards and reflects the latest in addiction medicine. His expertise provides our community with reliable and up-to-date information, supporting informed decisions on the journey to wellness.