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Praesum Healthcare Facilities Honor National Veteran and Military Families Month

November 01, 2023

November 1, 2023- Since 1926, November has been a month in which to honor our esteemed veterans on November 11th and to acknowledge the tremendous sacrifices our military families make.

They must adapt to separation from their families and adjust to new communities and life scenarios without those loved ones. Military Families embody strength, resilience, and courage. Care of military families and children sustains our fighting force, and strengthens the health, security, and safety of our nation's families and communities.

The month itself was first declared as Military Family Month in 1996. In recognition of this important topic, Praesum has developed resources for military children and families, educators, and civilian and non-civilian mental health providers.


Characteristics of the treatment model serving VA patients are:

• Instant access to comprehensive SUD care from detox to inpatient rehab

• Case governance and care coordination with VA representatives

• Specialty Veteran-centric psychiatry, internal medicine, counseling care, and peer support

• Medication-assisted treatment with FDA-approved prescriptions

For many who’ve served our country to achieve optimal health and long-term recovery from addiction and mental health disorders, medical detox is the first step.

Leading providers of detoxification services offer medically supervised programs to help those who have served to overcome mental health or substance use disorders and truly begin their lifelong journey towards recovery.


If mental health or substance use disorders are having a negative effect on your life or the life of a Veteran you care about, this is the time to please take the next step. Many veterans have limited access to treatment. Early intervention is key, but it is also critical for families to know where to look for help and how to access support for veterans.

If you are a veteran, you may access resources and support through Veterans Affairs (VA) by obtaining a referral from your local VA headquarters or provider or, in a situation requiring immediate care you can call such a CCN (Community Care Network) provider.

The VA will make certain you have total access to treatment and services while also planning your return appointment to the VA for additional support.

There’s a direct link from the VA to outstanding treatment providers contracted to ensure that veterans receive timely, high-quality healthcare services when they need treatment for alcohol or drug misuse. When the VA or VA provider sends the referral, the detox facility or treatment center will promptly arrange support with the VA.

Stigma regarding addiction and mental health is still prominent. But Sunrise Detox Centers (SDC) offers specialized Veterans Programs with this VA model led by devoted and accredited healthcare experts with decades of experience in addiction treatment and evidence-based methodologies.

The ten locations throughout New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, New York, and Massachusetts offer safe, comfortable medical detox from alcohol, opiates, and most prescription drugs.

Sunrise is proud to have a strong relationship with the VA in understanding and addressing the unique challenges veterans face in recovering from mental health and substance use disorders.

SDC works closely with local VA hospitals and clinics to offer and coordinate varying levels of support for approved Veterans served by the CCN or eligible to use the 2023 Compact Act.

As a CCN provider approved by the VA, Sunrise Detox can deliver care more efficiently with positive outcomes in the community, with transportation arranged from and to those locations.

Entry points into the continuum of Veterans’ care with these SDC Centers enable veterans to access evidence-based therapy options, including group and individual counseling, trauma-informed care, and medication-assisted treatment, to initiate their overall well-being in recovery on that journey toward a brighter future.

The accredited facility will participate in case conferences with area VA staff including VA social workers, outreach coordinators, VJO’s (veteran justice officers), and nurses to ensure program quality and a plan for ongoing care.

The sacrifice all Veterans and their loved ones have made to serve and protect us instills a distinct responsibility on each provider to offer care in a prompt, professional and effective manner. The highest expression of that gratitude is to be an accountable, reliable, and excellent care partner to our colleagues at VA.

Veterans can begin their journey to lasting recovery by exploring what resources and treatments VA has to offer with important partner organizations such as SDC recognized by CCN. To talk to a representative at Sunrise Detox Center | Drug & Alcohol Detox please call (954) 869-9759 or submit the form below today.