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Detox from Opiates and Opioids in Fort Lauderdale

Opiates (heroin and morphine) are drugs that are extracted from the natural poppy plant. Opioid drugs (like oxycodone, hydrocodone and OpanaER) act like opiates, but are synthetic (manufactured) chemical compounds.

Detox From Dependency On Opiates (Like Heroin & Morphine) Is Very Similar To Detox From Opioids (Like Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin and Hydrocodone)

Some detox centers do not medicate their patients during withdrawal. This is known as “cold turkey” and at Sunrise Detox, we don’t believe in it. Opiate withdrawal symptoms can produce potentially dangerous health situations. The pain of the withdrawal symptoms can make it psychologically difficult to stay in a detox program. At Sunrise Detox, we use a medication that allows our clients to remain comfortable and alert during their stay with us. We treat any discomfort that may arise, which allows clients to detox with virtually no withdrawal symptoms. Call us today at (954) 869-9759.

About Opiates / Opioids

Anopiateis a narcotic analgesic (pain killer) derived from the Asian opium poppy. Morphine and its derivative "heroin" are opiates.Opioidsare man-made narcotic analgesics. Some or all of the chemicals in opioids are synthetic; not found in nature. OxyContin, OxyNEO, OpanaER, and methodone are the most common synthetic opioids.

Opiate and opioid are often used interchangeably. They are all highly-addictive painkillers. Perdue Pharma's OxyContin, was one of the first opioid drugs referred to as "synthetic heroin".

It All Starts with Detox

Detox is your first step towards recovery. Readwhat other's have saidabout our program. Witness ourdedicated, compassionate staff. We're ready to help you get well, free of physical dependency on drugs and alcohol, and to help prepare you for any additional treatment you might need.

You'll need to detox before you can qualify for most rehab programs, so call us to get started. During your stay for detox, you'll have access to medical and nurse support, you will start counseling, and can attend on-site 12-step meetings. We'll prepare you for the rehab of your choice, or help you choose the right one.

A Comfortable, Safe Environment with Medical and Peer Support

Detox protocols designed and customized by a leader in medically-supported addiction treatment, who is alsoour Medical Director. Nurses on-site, available to you 24/7. Educational and 12-step group meetings on-site, run by dedicated andexperienced counselors. In-room HDTV with premium programming. Gourmet meals, with food available 24/7. You'll be comfortable. You'll get rest. You'll love the food. You'll learn.And you'll get clean & sober.

Make the call right now. We'll handle the insurance companies, and we'll reserve a room for you.

Is Today the Day?

It's never too late to get help for an addiction. But the further you or your loved one falls into addiction and dependence, the more difficult recovery will be. Recovery from any addiction is possible, but only if you take the first step.Call us at (954) 869-9759.

Take the Fear Away - Start with a Comfortable, Dignified Detox

Detox is your first step towards recovering from alcohol and drug use complications. If the sickness of withdrawal keeps you using and fear of an uncomfortable or dangerous detox keeps you away from treatment, please call us immediately. We'll help you start treatment in the most comfortable way possible, supported by a dedicated team of medical and addiction professionals who understand.